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  • 8.9
    Thin walls

    The facilities, family environment and cleanliness

    The walls between the rooms are incredibly thin. Even normal conversation can be heard clearly between rooms. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Many guests, including us, complained of being awoken in the middle of the night due to people talking on phones in other rooms.

  • 10
    Absolutely amazing! Worth it!

    The female only facilities available & the hospitality of all staff members

    I loved it so no improvement needed - definitely coming back again very sooon

  • 9.8
    Excellent resort!!

    Pretty much everything. Amazing resort with lots to do. Beds are comfortable, rooms are spacious, the facilities are excellent and plenty of things to do for yourself and family. Food spread - excellent!

    Just one point - the walls between rooms are not well soundproofed. Unfortunately, this was a nightly problem as one can hear everything and really disturbs a nights sleep. Staff were very helpful and moved us to different rooms once we pointed out this problem.

  • 8.0
    If the food was better it would have been a perfect place

    snacks and drinks available for free
    ladies only spa, beach and pool
    the rooms were comfortable
    very clean
    had a shop on site
    beautiful outdoor space
    mini kids club
    animation shows
    mosque/ prayer facility on site

    The food was repetitive, bland and gave us stomach aches, my husband and sister vomited a few times

    The pool closed a few times both men and women due to someone vomiting

    Indoor pools were not heated on some days

    majority if staff didn't speak English

  • 7.5
    It's nice big resort but bit remote from the town and ahops.

    Nice big resort and clean.

    English Language is an issue, I am surprised as a 5 star hotel the language like English was not spoken in the hotel. I had great difficulty communication. I hope they can improve that side.

    Food dishes seem repeating everyday same types of Turkish food. We need more international variety dishes so we have more choice.

  • 9.5
    Excellent hotel with excellent facilities!

    Everything! It was brilliant!

    The staff, facilities, food, WiFi, activities were all excellent and far exceeded my expectations.

    The breakfast was great, rooms were lovely and clean, the pools were out of this world and the policing of the ladies only section was exceptional! The staff are all so friendly and there is so much to enjoy everyday that you can’t get bored. ( I would say that the music on the beach was unnecessary though).

    Only downside is it is a good 1hr 20 or so minutes from the airport but I would happily do it again for a chance to stay here! Loved it!

  • 8.6
    Great Holiday - complete comfort and relaxation, some points to improve on...


    - Food/Drinks availability
    - Complete segregation of men/women facilities
    - Efforts in providing entertainment for family/children every evening
    - Masjid facilities and Athaan
    - Reasonably priced massage/hamaam/hairdressing facilities


    - Lack of english speakers
    - Food was always the same, an not authetic turkish food
    - Pool was not warm enough and outside pool was freezing!
    - Not enough cleaners onsite to clean water spillages around the hotel lobby/floors/lift area

  • 8.9
    Adenya Hotel early april

    Very nice hotel, clean. Heated swimmingpool outside.

    Disco music could be hird in mosque, Children disco while edhan, some crew really doesn't want to work and are not friendly, other crew are superb.

  • 8.0
    Fantastic holiday
  • 9.8
    Adenya Trip 2019

    Very limited outdoor/indoor activities

  • 10

    The whole hotel smelled like roses. Everything was clean and spotless. The food was great and alot of choises. The staff was so friendly. In general just a great admosphere. I liked it a lot and I will come back.

  • 9.3
    A good stay at Adenya

    This hotel is somewhat of a good standard and has a decent beach area which is segregated. The hotel is located not far from shopping area which is within walking distance. The segregated Spa area was very good with snack bars running throughout the day.

    The food was repetitive, and at times didnt cater for children.
    The family room was not spacious enough, and the dividing walls between the rooms are thin enough to hear from the next room.
    Majority of staff do not speak English.

  • 8.9
    Fantastic resort; family friendly and complying with Islamic traditions

    Excellent facilities including swimming pools, beaches, sauna , children’s playground; ladies sports activities are super. Very clean and nicely organized landscaping . Clean and spacious mosque

    Bed’s mattresses old and not comfortable
    Stem room’s odor not fresh; it needs air freshener. Buffet need better organization

  • 9.3
    Very good

    I liked everything except the cleaning

    The cleaning, it was good but They need to clean under the beds and stuff too, not only the ‘face’ of the room that you see.

  • 10
    Adenya resort review

    It was me and my friends first time staying at Adenya Resort and we loved it. Everything from the food, to the straff and the cleanliness was wonderful.

  • 9.3
    Great for families

    Very family friendly

    Men's beach could have been better.
    No waves as is secluded and drainage of dirty water from the women's area made the water really stinky in certain areas.

  • 10
    Excellent once again

    Great welcoming service, very clean and heated outdoor pool was excellent

  • 9.5
    Great stay Mashaallah

    Everything. Accept the WiFi and cold outdoor Swimming pool. The water was too cold and colder than the beach 😁

    This was our second visit and not the last inshaAllaah. Amazing place. Highly recommend

    the walls can be thin and you can easily hear your neighbors other than that. Great place

    Also the music could be heard in the masjid. Which can be a little
    Problem when praying. Maybe move the music away from the masjid

  • 8.4
    Juste parfait
  • 7.5

    La mer pour les (hommes) top. En parenthèse pcq bcp de va et viens de famille. A voir haute saison si c tjrs le cas.

    La nourriture pas très variée.
    Sinon les desserts sont top.

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