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Family and women-only beaches and pools
Our resorts, hotels and villas have separate swimming pool, spa and leisure facilities for women and families. Our resorts have mixed beach areas for families with modest swimming dress code. Some resorts also feature women-only private beach areas
Halal food and
non-alcoholic drinks
Cafés and restaurants in our resorts and hotels serve halal food and non-alcoholic drinks. In private villas guests can order halal grocery packs in advance
Family friendly
Our resorts provide a wonderful atmosphere for a family to enjoy their holiday together in a suitable environment, while catering for children by their special clubs and games rooms. All our entertainment programs, which are within the norms of Islam, are enjoyable and family-friendly. There are also daily tours to explore the city
Precise Total
Family Pricing
Precise total prices are calculated for whole family, taking into account number of adults and exact ages of children
Prices include
taxes & fees

Many websites hide taxes and fees for additional guests, showing only base occupancy rates and making it hard to compare real prices.
We, in contrast, show real total prices that cover taxes and beds for all guests, including children.

Room Suitability
Suitability of each room for whole family is determined automatically, taking into account number of adults and exact ages of children. Only suitable rooms are offered to be booked online
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